2021 Election Candidates

We are proud to announce the seven candidates for the office of 2022 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor! The statewide election took place between November 1st and November 9th, 2021.

The candidates were nominated by the 5th graders in their schools and completed the necessary paperwork qualifying them to run for office.

Each candidate created a campaign video (below) outlining why he or she wanted to be New Hampshire’s Kid Governor; what leadership qualities he/she has; what community issue is important to him or her and why; and a three-point plan outlining ways for New Hampshire fifth graders to make a difference around that issue.

Candidate’s Name: Eva
Candidate’s Community Issue: Environmentalism

Candidate’s Name: Tynan
Candidate’s Community Issue: Poverty

Candidate’s Name: Franz
Candidate’s Community Issue: Kids in Poverty

Candidate’s Name: Charlotte
Candidate’s Community Issue: Helping the Homeless in NH

Candidate’s Name: Evelyn
Candidate’s Community Issue: Pollution

Candidate’s Name: Jaycen
Candidate’s Community Issue: Cyberbullying

Candidate’s Name: Connor
Candidate’s Community Issue: Tree Protection