2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® Suzy Brand

Suzy Brand
2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor

Platform: Children’s Health and Time Outdoors
School: Sant Bani School, Sanbornton, New Hampshire
Blog: Explore the Outdoors
Press: NHKG Suzy in the News
Contact: Suzy@NH.KidGovernor.org
Executive Council: 2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council

Suzy’s Appearance with the Audubon Society and NH Fish and Game

Suzy appeared as a guest speaker on a webinar hosted by the Audubon Society and NH Fish and Game to discuss her platform and her project to encourage schools and brainstorm ways to get children outside for learning.

Suzy’s Speech to NH Legislators

Hello, my name is Suzy and I am the New Hampshire Kid Governor. I am here today to talk about why kids need more time outside. 

One reason is that time outdoors can improve mental health.

If you asked school nurses, they would tell you that the main reason kids go to see them is because of anxiety symptoms. I have had a lot less anxiety ever since getting outdoors more often and I have been more open to learning new things and being okay with making mistakes. Being outdoors can help kids relax and have less anxiety, and just generally feel better. An improved attitude can help kids work on things in the classroom, and not worry as much about things that take their minds off of their work. I know that’s how it was for me. Being outdoors can strengthen the mind as well as everything else.

More time outdoors also benefits a kid’s physical health.

Like less chance of sickness and stronger bones, but there are also other, less known things. For example, I feel more focused at my new school, and it’s easier for me to concentrate on my work, instead of fidgeting around. There are also skills that can be learned that apply to classroom work, like problem-solving skills and teamwork skills. I know that my friends and I, and tons of other kids in the state, love building snow forts, and there are valuable skills even in something as common as that. We had 5-6 people working on a fort, and the whole time we were learning without even knowing. We were thinking about strategic building and how to get the strongest walls. We were thinking about balance and the width a wall has to be to support more snow. And there were 5-6 people all figuring out to work together to build the best fort possible. This helps me when I work in groups while in the classroom, and group work is such an important skill to have because everyone can help each other learn and have a better understanding of things.

My experience in switching schools has given me all of these positive benefits of spending time outdoors. I now have a lot more recess time. I think all kids in NH should have the same benefits, no matter what school they attend.

New Hampshire’s Kid Governor Suzy Testifies Before NH Legislators

New Hampshire’s Kid Governor Suzy Brand testifies before NH State Legislators in support of developing a committee to study the importance of more outdoor time during the school day for NH students.  Suzy is a strong advocate for the importance of outdoor to improve the health and mental wellbeing of children.

Looking Back: Suzy’s Surprise Winner Announcement and Inauguration

NHKG Suzy’s Platform

2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® Suzy Brand was elected on her platform of Children’s Health and Time Outdoors. Her platform focuses on three platform points to advocate for more time outdoors for children during the school day.

  1. Raise money and gather donations for outdoor gear
  2. Post outdoor challenges and updates to a blog
  3. Inspire a bill to ensure more outdoor time during the school day

Watch Suzy’s campaign video for more about her campaign!