2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council

The New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council is led by the Kid Governor and includes five of the final candidates from the 2019 Statewide Election who counsel and advise the Kid Governor through his or her term. The Council meets periodically throughout the Kid Governor’s term in office. The Council uses these meetings to discuss how they can support the Kid Governor’s campaign initiatives in their own communities and raise awareness for the Kid Governor’s platform across the state.

Ameya Kharade
School: Bicentennial Elementary School
Town: Nashua
Community Issue: College & Career Awareness

Watch Ameya’s campaign video here.

Calvin Sarnie
School: Charlotte Avenue Elementary School
Town: Nashua
Community Issue: Pollinator Loss

Watch Calvin’s campaign video here.

J.T. Pourby
School: Andover Elementary/Middle School
Town: Andover
Community Issue: Save the Sea Turtles

Watch J.T.’s campaign video here.

Kasey Fitzgerald
School: Pollard Elementary School
Town: Plaistow
Community Issue: Bullying

Watch Kasey’s campaign video here.

Patrick Lavoie
School: James Faulkner Elementary School
Town: Stoddard
Community Issue: Underage Tobacco Use

Watch Patrick’s campaign video here.