2024 New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council

The New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council is led by the Kid Governor and includes the final candidates from the 2023 Statewide Election who counsel and advise the Kid Governor through his or her term. The Council meets periodically throughout the Kid Governor’s term in office. The Council uses these meetings to discuss how they can support the Kid Governor’s campaign initiatives in their own communities and raise awareness for the Kid Governor’s platform across the state.

Parker Fleming

School: Maple Street School
School Town: Hopkinton
Community Issue: Littering and Pollution

Watch Parker’s Video Here

Hattie Hammill

School: Edward Fenn Elementary
School Town: Gorham
Community Issue: Helping Teachers Fund Classrooms

Watch Hattie’s Video Here

Zoey Hill
School: Maple Street Magnet School
School Town: Rochester
Community Issue: Children Struggling with Mental Illness

Watch Zoey’s Video Here

Jack Rugg

School: Saint Christopher Academy
School Town: Nashua
Community Issue: Childhood Hunger in NH

Watch Jack’s Video Here

Noah Sanders

School: Oyster River Middle School
School Town: Durham
Community Issue: Homelessness

Watch Noah’s Video Here

Levi Wilson

School: Beaver Meadow School
School Town: Concord
Community Issue: Kindness and Inclusion

Watch Levi’s Video Here