2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® Suzy Brand

Suzy Brand
2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor

Platform: Children’s Health and Time Outdoors
School: Sant Bani School, Sanbornton, New Hampshire
Blog: Explore the Outdoors
Press: NHKG Suzy in the News
Contact: Suzy@NH.KidGovernor.org
Executive Council: 2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council

NHKG Suzy’s Platform

2020 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® Suzy Brand was elected on her platform of Children’s Health and Time Outdoors. Her platform focuses on three platform points to advocate for more time outdoors for children during the school day.

  1. Raise money and gather donations for outdoor gear
  2. Post outdoor challenges and updates to a blog
  3. Inspire a bill to ensure more outdoor time during the school day

Watch Suzy’s campaign video for more about her campaign!